Mark Harris, founder of BirthingAwareness and BirthingAwareness Publishing

Birthing Awareness Publishing is a new kind of publisher and we are about to take the birth publishing scene by storm!

How is Birthing Awareness Publishing different from other publishers in the birth world? 

Most old world publishers are seeking to appeal to a broad audience. Those who write for them are dependant on the publishing companies’s marketing expertise for book sales.

Old world publishing companies have to spend a lot of money to get a book to market. An independent publisher can only publish a few books a year.

Birthing Awareness is leaner and faster, we are able to take a completed manuscript to print in 3 weeks. Our publishing costs are much less and our final print runs are very flexible indeed. Yet when published our books are instantly on sale all over the world and available for next day delivery from Amazon.

We will not be accepting for publication every manuscript we receive. The books we do publish will have been assessed initially by Mark Harris, a midwife with over 20 years of birth world experience, an author of a best selling book about a birth, a father of 8 and a grandfather of 10.

Mark has reviewed many new books in his role as co presenter on the 3 year old monthly podcast called Sprogcast. He is very clear about what kind of books he wants to publish:

‘All the books I agree to publish will have one thing in common, the writer will have a burning passion to write it, they will feel that they have to get it written and published. They understand that the book will not directly make them a lot of money. They see the writing of the book as it’s own reward’.

‘If no one had bought my book I would still be buzzing about writing it!!!!!'

What you bring to the writing process will be totally unique, the book will be yours. Writing your book will release creativity in you and lead to innovation in your birth professional work!

The manuscripts that pass the first test will then be sent to an independent editor. The evaluation process is fast (see submission guidance page).

Our business model at Birthing Awareness is different to the old world publishers. It bridges the gap between self publishing and having the added prestige of having a publisher chose your book out of the many other submissions.

Who should publish with us?

  • If you deliver training or some kind of service based product to a niche group of customers, you should publish with us
  • If your book burns inside you and needs writing you should publish with us
  • If you want to raise your profile inside the birth professional community you should publish with us
  • If you want to add value to your existing customer base you should publish with us
  • If you want to earn more money from retail sales than you would with old world publishers you should publish with us
  • If you want the rights to your book back after only 3 years you should publish with us (Old world publishers ask you to sign over the rights to your work for 50 years).


So, you know you have to write a book?

What is your next step? 

Go to our submissions guidance page and follow the steps. 

A lot of people say they want to write a book, VERY FEW will actually ever do it. Will you?