Men Only…..Birth preparation for men?

Birth preparation for men:

I know there is at least one company providing education and birth preparation classes for men (I heard a maternity hospital in Peterbrough employ them to provide it), and until now I was undecided of the benefits of doing so.

I remember mentioning the idea on Facebook once and one of my midwife friends felt very strongly that there was no need for it, and that any focus on a man in this context was time wasted. The time, she felt, wound be better invested in being with woman!

She makes a good point for sure, particularly when midwives in hospital are hard pressed to ‘find’ the time to be intensely focused on a woman’s needs, and are rather being pulled towards satisfying the ‘quirky’ requirements of the NSST audit.

Even still I am going to run some ‘experimental’ classes for men whose partners are expecting a baby, the more I think about it there is something unique that I can offer these men.

Twenty years (on and off) of birth experience as a registered midwife, five of my own children and 4 grand children, to be sure, my contraceptive advise is probably best ignored, but I have developed some understandings that may be useful for a first time, or even second time round father to be.

I have found over the years that an understanding of how evolutionary forces have shaped our responses to the birthing process as human beings, is often all we really need to facilitate the brilliance that lies inside ourselves, a brilliance that has been tried and tested over 200,000 years or so.

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