Birthing For Blokes

Birthing For Blokes is committed to providing excellent teaching, training and on going support to men whose partners are pregnant.

When this 3 session programme is finished you will know:

How to identify when ‘labour’ has started
What to do to support her in ‘labour’
When to call the midwife
What the ‘stages of labour’ are
How you can create an environment that supports her giving birth
How to speak to her to reduce her feelings of fear
How to manage your own ‘fight or flight’ response
The meanings of the medical words Midwives and Doctors use
How to use relaxation exercises to support her when she is giving birth
How breastfeeding works and how to support her feeding choices

The cost of the programme includes unlimited email and telephone support until baby is 28 days old and hand outs etc.

Price: £7.50 and Hour, paid before the programme starts (£45). We are committed to everyone who wants to do the sessions being able too, please ask if the price is a challenge, payment plans are available.

To book a place on the next programme email: livingawake@me.com or Phone Mark on 07725 894 452

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