Position Matters….

@Birthing4Blokes: ‘A supported squatting position for birth may increase the pelvic outlet by 17%’

The pelvis is not a solid, immovable structure. By time the birthing process starts; ‘Evolution’ has made sure that it can splay open; were that not the case we would be in trouble.


Up right positions that allow a woman’s legs to open comfortable are to be preferred. ‘Common sense right? Then why do we see so many women on those ghastly reality ‘hospital’ programmes birthing on the bed?

My guess, poor midwifery practice which is the product of sub standard midwifery education. How many midwives have conducting a vaginal examination with the woman standing up within their scope of practice? How many midwives will actively encourage a woman to stand while birthing?

I know there will be midwives reading this that are amazing practitioners of the art, but my guess is we need more!

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