Midwives, Language, The Past, And Our Lives Today……..

I have been thinking a lot recently about studying the impact of language on a woman’s experience of birth. Also the impact that the language we use has on our own experience of doing the things we do and how just small changes in language can enhance a woman’s experience of birth and a midwives experience of being a midwife.

None of us learned to speak consciously, well maybe we did but we don’t remember doing it, all of our major areas of development took place long before we knew we could develop ideas and beliefs about our ‘poor’ ability to learn. Walking, talking, picking up small things with pincer grip finger and thumbs etc.

This process of learning to make senses of the sounds we heard, the situations we found ourselves in, this charting of our experience with words, has left a deep unconscious legacy. We no longer think about how what we say is generated, and the impact it is having on our felt experience. In a nano second we make meaning, using our vast array of stored memories to decide what ‘this’ means to us. The past is framing our current experience always and we have no idea how it is happening.

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