Listening For Feeling

Listening for a feeling seems to make sense when listening to myself, by listening I mean ‘hearing’ my ‘feelings’.

I found a journal I had written 20 years ago and was stunned as I recognised todays thoughts in the pages.

I was speaking to one of my sons about his sports performance and noticed feelings that I recognised from when he was 4 years old. As I ‘listened’ to those familiar feelings I ‘heard’ jealousy and fear.

The feelings didn’t disappear on being ‘named’, but allowing them to be there and recognising them as being 16 years old, seemed to hasten their passing.

Listening for a ‘feeling’ in myself is becoming a window into the habitual ways of thinking/feeling that I have just accepted as the ‘way I am’.

Seeing this thinking/feeling connection is leading to new thoughts/feelings becoming possible. It amazes me how my habitual, less than conscious thoughts have led to a case of mistaken identity.

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