Call the midwife? Call Mary Cronk!

Mary Cronk is a midwifery hero. Great blog.

With Woman Wellness

I guess most British midwives will have heard of Ina May Gaskin, and perhaps Jennifer Worth of ‘Call the Midwife’ fame, but are you aware that we have our own midwifery legend living amongst us in the UK .

You have of course heard of Mrs Mary Cronk MBE haven’t you?

You know all about her support of women for over 5 decades as a midwife and women’s rights advocate.

You no doubt have been to her brilliant study days, read her articles, and know her assertiveness phrases off by heart.

No? Then read on.

I am an Independent midwife, and had the pleasure of meeting Mary Cronk initially at one of her “Sharing the Skills” study days entitled “Once more unto the breech.” I sat and listened, in awe at the stories Mary recounted, taking in the details of wonderful photos illustrating her account of each birth. She seemed…

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