Breastfeeding and Dirt

This is fab.

Supporting Breastfeeding

Does your baby like to pick up rocks and lick them? Play in the sand and then stick his fingers in his mouth? Guess what – along with breastfeeding, this may be a great way to keep him healthy.

Breastfeeding and dirt. It’s not a combination you might think of as being ideal for a new baby. But Joseph Lam, a professor of microbiology at the University of Guelph, explains that many people “are almost paranoid about germs – especially parents with a new baby.” And yes, hygiene is important – Lam rates the invention of the toilet and other improvements in public hygiene (including hand-washing) as significant factors in keeping our society healthy.

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We need to remember, though, that not all bacteria are bad. In fact, many are essential to our survival. Lam explains: “There are many good bacteria commonly found on our bodies which live in symbiosis with…

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Self Help And Heaven….

It seems to me that ‘some’ religious thinking about heaven is is like the humanistic, ‘self-help’ focus of ‘it will be better when’! This is ‘it’, life happens no where else, right now. What happens when Mark Harris dies? Conditioned thoughts and feelings ‘pass away’ like a night in deep sleep. The Crystal Clear, Listening Space of Who I Am never dies because ‘It’ was never born….Now ‘is’ timeless, Eternal even…..

I Am Conscious

Yesterday I spoke to a person who lives in a secure mental health rehab hospital. By the look in her eyes and the request for medication I knew she was feeling distressed.

We spoke about how she was feeling, she said she didn’t feel ‘real’,and that she ‘felt numb’.

A pause, and ‘out of the blue’ a question, ‘are you conscious at the moment’?

A look of ‘what are you talking about, followed by, ‘of course I Am’! A momentary lucid look blazed from her eyes, like a Truth so self evident had just occurred to her……I felt tears in my own eyes.

Another question from ‘No-Where’..’and can ‘that’ Conscious ‘You’ be found?

A longer pause, while looking inside…..the answer comes, clear and confident, NO….but, ‘I KNOW I Am Conscious’, and that ‘I Am ‘thinking’ the thought, ‘I am not real’.