I Am Conscious

Yesterday I spoke to a person who lives in a secure mental health rehab hospital. By the look in her eyes and the request for medication I knew she was feeling distressed.

We spoke about how she was feeling, she said she didn’t feel ‘real’,and that she ‘felt numb’.

A pause, and ‘out of the blue’ a question, ‘are you conscious at the moment’?

A look of ‘what are you talking about, followed by, ‘of course I Am’! A momentary lucid look blazed from her eyes, like a Truth so self evident had just occurred to her……I felt tears in my own eyes.

Another question from ‘No-Where’..’and can ‘that’ Conscious ‘You’ be found?

A longer pause, while looking inside…..the answer comes, clear and confident, NO….but, ‘I KNOW I Am Conscious’, and that ‘I Am ‘thinking’ the thought, ‘I am not real’.




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