Bowing To Worship Her

A midwifery student friend posted a status:

‘Time for nap the assisting women having babies later’.

In reply I wrote:

‘Assisting still has some sense in which the midwife is adding something to the process…..just me probably’.

Then she said:

‘Well, aren’t we? Since the moment the woman walks in the hospital we add so much: questions, montoring the baby, touching, examining, give choices etc etc. I know it’s not perfect to say “I delivered a baby” because the woman pushes the baby out herself but I can’t change the language that 99.99% of mw’s and doctors use’.

My response:

‘I don’t think we are adding anything very useful to the birthing process myself. She has all that is needed for that, she is to be worshiped in that sense. Anything we offer should be just that, an offering, which she takes or leaves dependant on her whim!

We may be adding some of the stuff you mention, but it’s worth little if we don’t have faith in her magnificence……..

As for the language that others use, who cares how they talk, it’s my mouth and I’ll shape my own behaviour through my language and I’ll be a leader when it comes to shaping the culture that women of the future will birth into. The others? Well they can do as they please’!

Here I stand.

Ps she is an amazing midwife who I am very proud to have worked with as a student.

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