Kind Praise From @DoulaUK.

So, then we moved on to unknown territory. Mark Harris from Birthing for Blokes. A practicing midwife. A male midwife, who seeks to help guys out in the unknown realm of their pregnant partners, the birthing process and how
to support them.

He proclaimed he was nervous. He said
he’d never done this before. Within moments, he had the audience laughing, within minutes there were glances between us all and before we knew it, he had thrown his script away and the room was full of head tilts from impressed and eagerly listening doulas and midwives.

We all discovered that here we have a male midwife with incredible understanding of the birthing process, for women, and a desire to help guys find their way and how to be a fully present part of it; without fear.

In Mark Harris we all found a professional with great insight and who delivered a profound and wise speech to us all. The questions that followed were endless!! If you weren’t there. Look him up.

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