Sitcks And Stones…Words And ‘Things’.

No one remembers learning to talk, like walking, this skill was mastered very early in our development, language learning was accomplished at an unconscious level of understanding, long before we had gained the ‘sophistication’ required to block our inherent ability to take on new information.

Speaking is still an unconscious process, after all these years the words and phrases tumble out of our mouth before we are aware that we were going to say what we just said.

The way we make sense of the world is not straight forward. Understanding how we are constantly taking the ‘events’ of our lives and making meaning of them is a door way into having more control over the ways in which we behave and speak to others.

The words we use when talking to others and ourselves offers them and us directions for our meaning making.

Have you ever tripped up meaning in the street?

This is a question I have asked many groups over the years, usually people look at me as if to say , ‘what the fuck are you talking about’?! ‘What do you mean, have I ever tripped up ‘meaning’ in the street, of course I haven’t’?

‘Why haven’t you’?

I’ll tell you why, it’s because there is ‘NO MEANING OUT THERE’! Any meaning you and I are making about what appears to be happening ‘out there’, is being created ‘in here’, inside our own thinking.

Before we have any chance to discriminate, we have created the experience we are ‘living inside’ right now.


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