Hormones and the birth environment

I am getting ready for a birth workshop on the 13 September, found this a helpful remnder.


Creating the best birth environment

When a woman is in labour, her body is working hard producing a flow of love hormones. These are produced deep in the old primitive part of the brain.

Inhibitions, in birth or any sexual activity are generated in the new brain, the thinking brain’ (neo-cortex). When a woman is in labour, she will behave instinctively, making noises, instinctive movements, maybe acting completely strangely, or animal like. This means she has reduced control of her thinking brain and allowed her old,animal brain to take over, and allowing the hormones to do their work.

This reduction of brain activity is the most important aspect in terms of birth physiology. It is also the thing that we can have the most control over giving us the best chance of a straight forward labour and birth.

How do we maximise those chances?

Rediscovering the basic needs of a…

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