What Does Being Present Really Mean?

What does it mean to be Present, people ask me?

It’s the same as being ‘Grounded’ in my experience. And what is
being ‘Grounded’?

‘Being grounded’ is what’s left when identification with a separate self is dropped. It’s the Sky to the clouds, it’s the Silence to the words and music….it defies description in terms of an experience but if we did describe I’d say Peace…..

It’s the experience of waking up to the feeling of my thinking, and experiencing that ‘of course’ moment.

It’s the happiness with no apparent cause, It needs no leverage because it ‘Is’ already, always has been, always will be. It just ‘Is’.

It’s Who I truly Am.


The Words We Use, Pointing Women Towards Their Inner Resources

The words we use can make such a difference as we seek to support birthing women:

‘Women can give birth really well, because they have been doing so for millions of years’.

‘Woman can discover a deep sense of resilience while giving birth, because they know they will have a baby in their arms soon’.

‘Women can discover the powerful inner resources they need for giving birth, because billions of women have given birth to billions of babies’.

‘How would it feel if your thinking began to slow down’?

‘How would it feel if you allowed the muscles in your shoulders to relax now’?

‘How would it feel if you took a deep breath, and sighed out slowly’?

‘How would it feel if you begin to move around while having a tightening’?

‘How would it feel if you try kneeling while having a tightening’?

‘When you really begin to feel comfortable here, you can begin to relax even more’.

“When you really begin to, loose yourself to the sensations in your body, you can, relax even more deeply now’.

Try some of these phrases on for size, then use them…..they offer women a direction for their meaning making while giving birth.