Women, Meaning And Inner Power For Birth.

The thinking mind stimulates adrenalin production and that stops oxytocin working effectively. A woman’s body, while birthing thrives on oxytocin flooded tissues.

Pointing to a woman’s inner power for birthing, is not about asking her to ‘believe she has power’, thinking and believing go hand in hand.

There is something about wordless pointing that enables a woman to access her unique resources for birth, power that lies beneath the neocortex, the younger part of the brain responsible for language production and critical thinking.

The effects of interrupted physiological birth in humans is less profound than animals, probably due to our ability to think and reason.

Our presuppositions,conscious and otherwise, define the boundaries around what we consider possible in our behaviours. The Story Lives Us, and our births.

What we think will ‘probably happen’ in a situation, sets a ‘filter’ for all the information coming into us, like a self fulfilling prophecy, ‘what we fear often comes upon us’.

Pointing to ‘that’ place inside of a birthing woman, ‘that’ place before words, feelings and experiences, allows the Innate Wisdom for birth to flow.

The only Truth I Know is that which is Self Authenticating, there is no need for belief. Like balance, I know it as a Truth.

This wordless ‘pointing’ doesn’t necessarily include the use of ‘hands’ either. It’s more the ‘deep faith’ of other women in the birthing process seeping out, like osmosis.


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