An Activity For Teaching About Oxytocin

We spend a lot of time @birthing4blokes teaching men about oxytocin, the way women have evolved to secret this amazing birth hormone and what environments are best to ‘fan the flame’ of oxytocin in her body while she is giving birth.

When we have finished giving men the information culminating with the Odent quote, ‘female orgasm and birth are one event separated by birth’, we do an activity in small groups.

It’s a card game, on one card is printed a flame and on another is a bucket of water. The statements and situations below are printed on individual cards.

The goal of the game is to put the cards in the appropriate category.

Does this action ‘fan the flame’ or ‘pour cold water’ on the flow of oxytocin?

We have found that combined with teaching and discussion this activity helps to consolidated the knowledge for fathers to be.

It seems to serve as a catalyst for even more ideas of how he can be a servant of oxytocin as his lover gives birth.

Listed below are some of the phrases printed on our ‘fan the flame or kick the bucket cards’, hope you find the activity useful.

At home in the early stages of the birthing process.

Using the bath and relaxing.

Getting in the car in order to go to the hospital.

At hospital with people coming in and out of the room.

Being asked what you think of syntometrine or vitamin K?

Listening to a playlist of music that you’ve used at home beforehand.

Being given a full explanation of what’s happening.

The lights in the birth room on bright.

The lights in the birth room down dim.

Feeling very cold.

Feeling warm.

Being massaged gently.

Wearing clothes that you feel very comfortable in.

Wearing a hospital wearing gown.

Meeting people you have never met before.

Smelling strange smells.

Having a vagina examination.

Being able to move in whatever position you want to move.

@Birthing4Blokes: A link to PDF masters for card game. Fan the flame game cards. Hope they are useful.


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