Love and life and struggle and joy

A lovely read…

Moonbeam McSwine

Mr Mac and I enjoy a wild night out, (alcohol sneaked in my bag…it is the end of the month and no money) and suffer the following day, awoken by grandbabies…no quarter given!

When they go home to their Sunday bath and tea, we catch Tesco’s last hour, the holy building radiating glitter like a mirage in negative, reflecting in dark puddles of oily rain.  We can afford two carrier bags worth, and honestly, I’m the richest woman on earth tonight.

The Friday before this wild weekend I sat in the drop-in clinic with a mother and her three day old baby boy…their passage had been rough.  He hadn’t yet got his head around taking the nipple and suckling.  They were skin-to-skin.  The midwife spoke to the baby boy, using his name, her hand above his head, circling the air, stroking him, but not touching his body. She acknowledged his…

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