Feed Back From A Kind Doula

Some very kind feed following an event that @birthing4blokes spoke at.

Hi Mark,

Now I’ve slept and had time to reflect on yesterday I still stand by what I said…

In my book you could have started off the day at 9am and then gone right through to home time and I wouldn’t have missed anything I’d have preferred.

Your words are the most valuable gift I’ve brought away with me from the day and in just that short time you had I know I will change the way I teach Hypnobirthing and change the way I doula my clients.

Imagine how much I can improve after a whole day with you!! I’m really excited looking forward to that. You are a gift to the birthing woman! 🙂


One thought on “Feed Back From A Kind Doula

  1. Yes! You are absolutely a gift to birthing women, and men who are becoming fathers amidst loads of women trying to teach them about it. I loved hearing you speak and am still buzzing from it, almost a month later. Your passion for what you do is palpable. Thank you.

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