Living On Purpose

Being ‘on purpose’ has little to do with goal setting or change in my experience. Yet ‘being on purpose’ seems to create Space for something new to appear.

My attitude is different, and that difference feels related to uncovering purpose. When acting from a deep sense of purpose life takes on the characteristics of good Art, original, fresh, stimulating vitality and new thought.

I have some ‘stuff’ I am going to do. I don’t mind if no one is interested, I shall not be doing market research, these are projects I feel passionate about.

I’ve made a mistake in recent days of being too concerned about wether there is a ‘felt’ need out there in the birth community for what I have to give.

It’s just time to get on with it.

The immediate projects are:

Love & Birth (published in April 2015).

Being Present: A workshop for birth professionals. (First one is Feb 2015)

Sprogcast in conjunction with @wokingdoulas (first episode Jan 2015)

A Workshop looking/speaking at/about how our language influences pregnant women’s experience of birth.

My approach to the workshops from now on is going to focus on preparing the material, finding a ‘host’, announcing where they are going to be held and booking a maximum 16 people on each.

There will be a charge for the workshops, the content explored will end up as printed materials and audio MP3’s.

If you want to be kept informed or host an event follow this blog, or email me.


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