Speaking So Others Listen

Masculine and feminine ‘energy’, for want of a better word, my girl friend calls me a ‘spiritual wanker’ when I use words like ‘energy’, ‘awareness’ and ‘grounded’, in defending myself I remonstrate that it’s difficult finding words that fit the experience I’m attempting to communicate.

Where was I? That’s it, masculine and feminine energy are not ‘physical body’ issues, we have all met women with a masculine ‘essence’ (another one of those words) and men with a feminine one.

In fact every person on the planet has an alloy of both with one that is dominant, that serves as a directional force, influencing how life is being experienced.

There are obvious differences in how these energies express themselves, popular culture went mad for the book ‘men are from Mars etc’ which was a superficial look at how these differences manifest themselves.

This is the first of a series of blog posts exploring these difference and placing an understanding of their workings inside a birth context.

It’s very obvious when someone points it out, but until they do we can often use approaches that don’t work to communicate to people with one of the two essential foundations from which their lives flow.

A person with a masculine essence for example will respond better to challenge than to praise. While someone rich in female energy will flourish when praised and offered appreciation.

There are many situations when knowing this can make communicating your message much easier and more effective.

For example when a birth professional wants to let potential customers know what services they can provide.

With what we have explored already in mind, what would you guess is the ‘essence’ that a pregnant women is likely to be rich in?

She is likely (there are always exceptions, we are being ‘black and white’ for teaching purposes) to have a feminine essence and therefor more likely to responds to nurturing appriciation and genuine praise.

Any attempt to motivate her through challenge is likely to ’cause’ her to turn off and reject your offering. The woman in the photo is obviously an exception!


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