Dr Odent Say No, But Is He Out Of Date?

Based on his experience of men entering the birth room and respect for the evolutionary biological adaptations of birthing women, Dr Odent says keep men out, and I get it.

But he doesn’t talk about, or seem to have an experience of a ‘Masculine Presence’ creating a ‘felt sense of safety’, enabling the Feminine to express Herself with abandon, yielded, surrendered, to the pulsations of Life about to be born, the unfolding narrative unhindered by fear.

Dr Odent has had an amazing influence on my life, and I thank him.

Today we have a situation where 95% of all births will have a male partner present, what men need is an understanding of how they can release their Presence in such a way that the women they love do not ‘feel’ observed, in fact his Presence can act like a ‘cloak’, covering her so that the freedom of darkness can be unleashed.


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