Men In The Birth Room: Blessing Or Curse?

#Sprogcast episode 2 is out. My life long friend Dr Denis Walsh gives an amazingly insightful interview about his 29 years experience as a midwife. 

This interview should be compulsory listening for all birth professionals and student midwives. 

Hope you enjoy it and please do get in contact with questions and ideas for interviews in the future. 

Being Present: workshops for birth professionals 

When this workshop is done you will have the skills to:

  • Develop deep, rich connections with everyone in the birth room with out exception. 
  • Understand the ‘reality maps’ of others, in ways that make your communication  even more effective.
  • Have an understanding of how language works to direct another’s meaning making; gently leading women towards their own birthing power.
  •  Be rooted in Presence, allowing the ‘drama’ going on around you to unfold while you are BEING PRESENT.
  • And more………..

If you can see how these skills will be useful to you….talking yourself out of coming would probably be a poor idea.  Feeling like you’ve missed out is unpleasant isn’t it?

How do you book? Go to the pages that say: Being Present Workshop and book.

See you there.