What Can Be Done To Love A Midwive?

Midwives are often under enormous ‘stress’, being pulled in all directions, by Doctors’ needs for safety, by a woman’s anxieties, by the ‘needs’ of the institution to reduce it’s liabilities. 

Women under ‘stress’ have reduced levels of oxytocin, in a birthing woman we know the effects that this Neuro/endocrine dance has on the birthing process. 

We rightly advocate and plan ways and strategies to mitigate against this insidious enemy of fulfilling  Birth:

Turn off the lights

Listen to music

Keep her warm

Stop asking her questions etc 

BUT what of the courageous uniform clad woman? She who stands in the ancient tradition of ‘wise women’ of old? She who has spurned the allure of higher paying careers, with her 3 great A levels and first class degree?

LOVE her, as she cares, as she dances the perilous dance forced upon her by ‘testosterone’ drenched systems that threaten to strangle her oxytocin flow.

What does she need? What can be done to LOVE her?  


‘The Anitidote to ‘Dogma”. Don’t Bother Reading This, You Won’t Do It? Our Own ‘Story’ Serves Our Neurosis Too Well!

Take the most extreme expression of ‘Dogma’ that disagrees with your own. Learn it till you can speak about it with out caricaturing its salient points.

When you’ve done that you have an antidote for your own ‘Dogmatic Blindness’.  

 I’m not saying it’s easy, it takes a lot less resistance to insist on you own biased opinion. 

The Illusion Of Happiness Tomorrow. 

Someone close to me died in my arms, I knew in that moment that everything I imagined offered me security was an illusion. 



My life would not ever be ‘better when’…I started my own business, lost weight, got my house right, retired etc etc…my life only ever ‘happened’ in the moment I was in…NOW.  

The quality of my experience of life was dependant on how I am experiencing this moment…..the desperate craving I had for survival was keeping me from fully experiencing life as it is occurring NOW. 

So I stopped selling my life to an employer and started pursing my purpose to LOVE others through the expression of my GIFT.

For a while I have worked as an employee…..they paid me to follow my Purpose…..now I do a bit of both….but each aspect of my work is focused on LOVING through GIVING my gift to others.

The Extreme Opposites Of Birth Dogma…..Missing The Point

Both ends of the birth ‘dogma’ extreme miss the point…..and end up pointing away from the source of birthing power…..

Both extremes ‘externalise’ the source of ‘Birthing Power’ in another person or process other than the woman herself.

No they say it’s not YOU its a partagram or syntocinon, or epidural etc.

Or No it’s not YOU its birthing stools, different positions, or HypnoBirthing, or no touching by the midwife or it’s doulas etc.

Both extremes fail to just point, open mouthed at HER,

the birthing goddess!