The Illusion Of Happiness Tomorrow. 

Someone close to me died in my arms, I knew in that moment that everything I imagined offered me security was an illusion. 



My life would not ever be ‘better when’…I started my own business, lost weight, got my house right, retired etc etc…my life only ever ‘happened’ in the moment I was in…NOW.  

The quality of my experience of life was dependant on how I am experiencing this moment…..the desperate craving I had for survival was keeping me from fully experiencing life as it is occurring NOW. 

So I stopped selling my life to an employer and started pursing my purpose to LOVE others through the expression of my GIFT.

For a while I have worked as an employee…..they paid me to follow my Purpose… I do a bit of both….but each aspect of my work is focused on LOVING through GIVING my gift to others.

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