What Can Be Done To Love A Midwive?

Midwives are often under enormous ‘stress’, being pulled in all directions, by Doctors’ needs for safety, by a woman’s anxieties, by the ‘needs’ of the institution to reduce it’s liabilities. 

Women under ‘stress’ have reduced levels of oxytocin, in a birthing woman we know the effects that this Neuro/endocrine dance has on the birthing process. 

We rightly advocate and plan ways and strategies to mitigate against this insidious enemy of fulfilling  Birth:

Turn off the lights

Listen to music

Keep her warm

Stop asking her questions etc 

BUT what of the courageous uniform clad woman? She who stands in the ancient tradition of ‘wise women’ of old? She who has spurned the allure of higher paying careers, with her 3 great A levels and first class degree?

LOVE her, as she cares, as she dances the perilous dance forced upon her by ‘testosterone’ drenched systems that threaten to strangle her oxytocin flow.

What does she need? What can be done to LOVE her?  


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