Making It Happen

What about holding each other to what we say we want?😃

Just a recognition that what I say I want in one mood can change depending on mood. 

My mood at the moment? VERY positive….looking for someone who defines commitment as what you DO when you don’t feel like it.  

The question that I’m asking myself is:

 What have I been saying to myself I will do, that has not got done yet?

 Then I wonder what are 1 or 2 actions, that I can take today, that will move me closer to an integrity between what I’m saying and doing😃? 

This Game reduces the ‘to do’ list to ONE thing….you probably recognise ‘that one internal narrative’ that has been dominating your self talk for months if not years? 

 That’s the subject of this game. 😃

Then, who do I know who will play ThIs Game with me?


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