People Die On Ordinary Days 

I remember talking to a group of people under 20, who had been kicked out of school,  about ‘the myth of time’.

‘There is no future place’, I told them, ‘it’s just an illusion produced by thinking’, ‘there is no past either, it’s just a story you made up about what happened’! 

‘All there really is’, I went on, ‘is the moment you are in, this moment’. 
‘You wonder how your life will turn out’? 
‘Well , here’s the Truth, it turned out, this is it’!!

A small chap on the front row, shouted out, ‘are you saying we should live today like it’s our last’?

‘Hell no’, I said, ‘if I knew today was my last day I wouldn’t be here with you’!

‘I would be home looking my loved ones in the eye, telling them I loved them and that they can do anything in live they choose’.

‘What I’m saying to you is that we should treat everyday like it’s our last ‘ordinary day’!

People wake up on ordinary days, and go to ordinary jobs, sleep walking through their lives, lost in thinking, not realising that this ordinary day will be their last. 

People die on ordinary days. 


One thought on “People Die On Ordinary Days 

  1. I love this, so true.

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