Why Don’t All Women Have ‘Intact Perineum’s After Birth?

Some midwives still take credit for ‘intact perineum’s’, I think it would be good to stop it. 

Any credit a midwife or any other birth professional takes for a woman’s birth is miss placed. Our job is simple, point to the source of birthing power, inside the woman. 

Not tearing while birthing is not a mark of any kind of success, it will happen or it won’t happen, there may be things a woman can do reduce it’s likelihood. 

Being upright while birthing, no doing any kind of ‘controlled pushing’, pre massage with oil etc 

It raises the idea that some midwives and most doctors have, that putting pressure on the head of the baby as it crowns, and in some why ‘controlling’ a woman’s pushing can reduce the amount of perineal trauma a woman experiences.

The variables in any study are compounded, and the design of any such study has at it’s core medical presuppositions. 

A ‘worshipful’ response to each powerful, birthing woman would create the kind of humble attitude which in turn would shape our kind, gentle, care of her as she does her amazing work of keeping humanity present on the earth. 


One thought on “Why Don’t All Women Have ‘Intact Perineum’s After Birth?

  1. Marion Costin-ford

    I don’t think I ever took credit, I was just really pleased for the woman I was caring for
    Calmness and one quiet voice when appropriate seemed to improve the likelihood of an intact perineum
    Rather than a roomful of people shouting and cheerleading
    We are all full of anecdotal evidence, maybe there should be a study x

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