‘Objective’ Informed Choice Giving Is A Myth, And Here’s Why?

We are always communicating, our unconscious mind is responsible for much of what we ‘say’ to others. Objective informed choice is a myth.

Well meaning birth professionals do their best to be unbiased and applauded they should be.

An understanding that communication happens at different levels will only enhance birth professionals information giving practice.

Once I understand the principle of multi level communication I can introduce safe guards against inappropriate influence of pregnant women.

Have you ever met someone for the first time, and for reasons you can’t put your finger on you get a sense that you don’t like them? 

You have just experienced a multi level communication.
 Your unconscious mind has just done a rapid search of every person you have ever met and decided to give you a signal in consciousness (that feeling) to be careful. 

Of course at times the signal turns out to be pointing in the wrong direction and this new ‘friend’ is nothing like the composite ones you were being warned about. 

Birth professionals be warned, we are communicating all the time, our body, tones of force and even the way we structure our sentences are all offering a pregnant woman’s meaning making a direction to head in.


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