A Two Month ‘Conversation’: Starting Feb 2017☺️

I have enjoyed very much being in a ‘Conversation’ with five birth professionals over several months towards the end of last year, doulas, midwives, antenatal educators and Hypno birthers.

Friendships and collaborations have been forged❤️.

In 2017 I want to have a ‘Conversation’ with you, about whatever is on your mind, it might include: 

issues around your professional practice

aspirations in your personal or business life

new creative ideas you want ‘born’ into the world:

 a book that needs to be written, 

an idea for an online product, 

conference/work shop production and delivery
you may be thinking of bringing your partner into your business and want him to learn about birth from a masculine perspective etc etc 
If you want to have this ‘conversation’ with me it Will involve 

weekly one to ones (with one meeting fave to face where you are)

One a workshop in your area for you, invite who you like, charge what you want (I come as part of the program for you) 

open access to midwifery support for you and your clients 

taylor made resources for the male partners of your birth clients etc etc 

It starts in Feb 2017 there is room for 5 people, the cost is £1,500☺️

To talk about being accepted on this program email me now on 

or pick a time to chat with me on the phone or Skype:  


Happy Christmas to you all, and here’s to a FANTASTIC 2017☺️


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