6 stone lost, from 56 inches to 44 waist, in 10 months….

This year has been amazing for many reasons, the success of Men, Love & Birth took my breath away tbh. 

Having been very large for many years, 27 stone at my largest, the ease with which the weight has come off has amazed me.

I have many years experience of losing weight and putting it back on again, this time is different ☺️

At the beginning of 2016 I want to share what I’ve done and what I’m doing (4-5 stone to go) with others. 

Here’s how it’s going to work:

One to One telephone conversation to start us off

Weekly ‘zoom’ group together 

Private Facebook group, daily postings 

Text/phone support (text daily) 

Eating plan design support 

You pay £25 to join in, and £15 monthly for the 6 months the program runs, stop paying anytime if what we are doing together isnt working for you. No direct debits you control the payments. 

Email to join in: birthing4blokes@gmail.com

This begins end of first week in January 2016



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