A ‘Conversation’ That ‘Creates’ New Possible Futures☺️

The Professional Birth Worker Mentor/Coaching Program With Mark Harris (Midwife @Birthing4Blokes)
Are you a professional birth worker (Doula, Midwife, Birth teacher, Hypno-birthing practioner)?
Do you feel that in order to take your work and practice to the next level you would benefit from coaching and support in all areas of your work, including business development?
The Birth Worker Mentor Program is your opportunity to work extremely closely with Mark to create a practice that will really let your light shine, enhancing what you are already doing in ways that will add value to those you are serving now, whilst increasing your enjoyment and satisfaction at the same time.
This program is a great fit for someone who has already been very successful at supporting pregnant women and their families, and will act as a catalyst for those who are starting out, or are just feeling ‘stuck’ and want to move forward.
What does the program include?
8 X 1-hour weekly 1:1 coaching/check-in conversations (coaching) with me (3 months)
A copy of Men, Love & Birth and access to a1 hour webinar expanding on its contents
A monthly 20 minute ‘video reflection’ on the findings of a current research paper in the field of birth practice (12 months)
Unlimited “spot-check” text & phone conversations from with me (3 months)
The ability to use me as a direct resource in your business, you will be able to refer clients you judge to be in need of midwifery support to me, at no cost to you or your clients (this on going midwifery support can become part of what your business offers
Unlimited email support from me (This extends to your pregnant customers and is on going)
30% discount on public work shops and training events (on going)
Membership of the members only section of birthing4blokes website when development has been completed (on going)
What form will our weekly conversations (coaching/support) take?
An initial exploration of your goals for starting the program
Personal accountability regarding goals you want to set for yourself and the development of practical ‘real world’ daily steps
Conversations around any birthing professional issues that are on your mind at the time, including current research, problem areas of practice, teaching ideas, answering of questions raised in your teaching or supporting pregnant women and their partners

There are no ‘real’ constraints upon what can be talked about. Teachings around what it means to be ‘Truly Present’ will influence all of your life and every day relationships

What is the financial investment required to start the program today?
If I were working as a top-scale band 6 midwife in the NHS I would be earning £25 an hour, the cost of this program is £300, paid in two installments. This covers the time spent in the 1:1 coaching conversations, the rest of the value added to your life and practice is free.
What should you do next to join the program today?
Email me at birthing4blokes@gmail.com , text him to arrange a telephone conversation (07725894452) or add him on Skype @birthing4blokes
Having made the choice to proceed, I will send you payment details, make the initial payment and book your first conversation with me
Thank you for reading this far, I look forward to working with you in the near future.

There is a biography below.

Mark Harris Biography
Mark Harris is one of fewer than 100 registered male midwives in the UK. He became a registered midwife in 1994 and is also a hypnotherapist, NLP (neuro linguistic programme) trainer, he has also worked as general nurse (RGN) in the NHS and in a private secure mental health unit.
Expelled from school at 16 for being disruptive, Mark worked in a variety of jobs for several years including work in the building trade and as a charity fund rasier. Aged 24 Mark started a nursing course, qualifying in 1991. He trained as midwife shortly afterwards and qualified in 1994.
When Mark’s wife of 20 years died in 2006 he decided to explore a new career path and founded birth education programme Birthing For Blokes (@Birthing4Blokes), a unique service providing antenatal classes specifically designed to prepare men for fatherhood. He continues to work as an independent midwife via UK Birth Centres http://www.ukbirthcentres.com/.
From a large family himself (five sisters and three brothers) Mark has six children of his own and six grand-children. He lives in Leicester.
http://www.birthingawareness.com @Birthing4Blokes http://www.facebook.com/ Birthing4blokes


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