5 Reasons Why He ‘Should’ Get Ready For Her Birth ☺️

Five Benefits of men being prepared to be with their lovers as they give birth. 
1 Insight into how human beings have evolved to give birth well, increases confidence, gives direction to the support they can offer her, and enhances their ability to be resilient if the birth does not go as expected. 
2 Being prepared, increases his ability to proactively create the deep connection need, that will massively facilitate her production of the birthing process dynamite oxytocin. 
3 Having an experience of building this type of connection with his lover before she gives birth, will produce a deepening in his relationship with her, leading to a strong foundation being built for the emerging family .
4 Preparing via regular massaging, TEN s machine use, and understanding the (so called) ‘latent phase’ of the birthing process, will increase the amount of time they spend out of the hospital and may reduce the length of her birth experience. 
5 Understanding the importance of having the ‘goal’ of connecting with her while she births, will produce testosterone in him, reducing his stress response. Having connection with her as a goal will to his ‘fixing’ habits being focused on that outcome and will reduce any panicked response to Enviromental changes.  


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