A Powerful Why, Trumpts A Slick Presentation Everytime ☺️

Just been speaking to someone who is hosting one of the workshops I’m doing this year,  we were taking about people who had said they were coming, about concerns regarding those who had paid and hadn’t yet. 

She was a little worried about covering costs, cancelling and the like….as we spoke ‘in text messages’ I connected with my ‘why’ and suddenly ‘clarity’ hit me between the eyes, and when I’d ‘seen’ it, Peace reigned, a wave of clear thinking that settled deep at the ‘heart level’…..here’s what I wrote:

Forget it I’m coming. Covering petrol is all we have to do as a foundation, and tbh meeting with a small group in someone’s house would rock as far as I’m concerned. I’m committed to pregnant couples and the professional birth community, that’s all☺️

Then I started thinking about making money, and how if I’m not careful financial considerations become more of a ‘master’ than the servent of my invented ‘why’s’ in life that they probably ‘should’ be. 

As the ‘light dawned’ I saw how the business games I play could instead serve my big ‘why’☺️

The business side is a fun game to play isn’t it? But it’s not the reason for any of it, it’s a great way to measure how others perceive the value of what I’m offering but that’s it ☺️ 


2 thoughts on “A Powerful Why, Trumpts A Slick Presentation Everytime ☺️

  1. Hello Mark

    We have been given your details by Sue Woollett at NCT Clifton, Bristol. One of the chaps brought your book to our first session yesterday and the men in the room have all expressed a keen interest in trying to get some face time with you if possible to fire questions at you for a short while.

    We understand you’re doing a talk in Brostol on 21-Feb and wonder if you have any free time either side of that to meet a few of us, perhaps in a local pub or similar.

    Let me know.



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