There Is Somthing Different About An All Male Group? 

Saturday in Leeds was the first time for a while that I have facilitated a group of men doing a @birthing4blokes workshop, and just like when I was running them regularly most, if not all the men were sent to it by the women they love. 

It doesn’t feel very ‘politically correct’ to say it, but it is a different experience than all female groups, or even mixed ones. 

A ‘space’ seems to develop very quickly in which a man can say what’s on his mind, and when a man does that a ‘sigh’ goes round that group, an ‘I’m not on my own’ kind of ‘sigh’.

We had 3 hours together, not enough for sure, but plenty of time for connections to be made, laughter to be enjoyed and for testosterone to be stimulated. 

As ‘man speaks to man’ the gentle challenge involved gets experienced as a ‘stress’ reducing balm.

Information exchanged, contact details shared, the all important ‘insights’ breaking out into awareness and possessed for ever. 

The best 3 hours I have spent for a long time.  

If you want to gather a group of men for the day and invite me please give me a call.

Keep your eye out for @birthing4blokes internet based video course, available soon ☺️


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