Do You Love Money Or Hate It With Passion? Financial Confessions Of A Birthworker…..

I realised recently if I treated my loved ones like I treated ‘money’, they wouldn’t want to be around me😔.

If I imagine for a moment that ‘money’ was a person, I have said ‘I hate you’, ‘you make me do things I don’t want too’, ‘you control my life’, you are dirty and do bad things’, ‘secretly I want you and I’m ashamed’, ‘I’ll do this or that, but it’s not for your sake’, these are some of the ways I’ve behaved towards ‘money’.

What if I loved ‘money’ like a friend? How would ‘money’ like to be treated? What ways of behaving encourage it to spend time with me? What does it like? Etc etc, you get the idea right?

Then I thought, when ‘money’ likes to be around me, when I truly ‘love money’, what could we do together? What experiences could we create to benefit ourselves and others? 

Well, we could feed the poor, support our loved ones and our extended family (the world), create a butt kicking birth worker awards event and we could go on holiday……☺️

I love money, but this love is morphing into a love of my family (the world), for too long others who understand how money likes to be treated have been hoarding the benefits of having it to themselves.


2 thoughts on “Do You Love Money Or Hate It With Passion? Financial Confessions Of A Birthworker…..

  1. That is an excellent post Mark. I want midwives to have money. They are the kind of people who with money, will make choices that improve the world. Money just a tool to enable us to choose what we get to do. But if you’re from a working/middle class background (for instance we never had much growing up) the way you view money can make you guilty and actually stop you making much. Rich midwives for world peace 😉

  2. Reblogged this on Birthing Awareness and commented:

    My ‘relationship’ with and to money began to transform when I had these insights…….

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