‘Are Our ‘Presuppositions’Driving The Bus’?

We have a history of just not getting on, any group that is seeking to be run by consensus will tell you it’s not always easy.

In the U.K. We have a parliamentary structure that is adversarial, our judicial system is likewise based on similar presuppositions. 

There in lies the ‘rub’, for human beings it seems that what is ‘presupposed’ directs the attention of our meaning making.

We are just bombarded by so much sensory data every second of the day, there is just no way we can ‘make sense’ of it all😔
Thankfully much of our meaning making work is taken care of by unconscious processes, phew. If that wasn’t the case we would be completely overwhelmed. 

Having said that the process works well, one caveat that needs to be highlighted is the power our ‘unconscious presuppositions’ can have over our ability to ‘truly’ understand the perspective of someone who disagrees with us. 

A question I often ask myself when I notice how strongly I disagree with someone is : 

‘what could some of my presuppositions be, that I am not consciously aware of, that are driving my strong feeling’?

And a follow up question:

‘And what are potentially some of hers/his’ unconscious presuppositions’?

I tend to find loads of fertile ‘self discovery’ in the answers and more consensus in my relationships as a result.  

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