How Do We Get To A Collective ‘Yes’? Creating consensus in a fragmented world…..

Our lives are filled with little negotiations, getting the children to school, to eat their dinner and tidy up after themselves. 

Work is no different, we would like a pay rise, a project we are working on needs the support of other team members who have a different point from view to us. 

In the birth world it’s no different, as midwives and medical staff our work environment at times can feel like one long ‘summit’. 

There is no shortage of differences of opinion about what the ‘right’ course of action is in any given clinical scenario. 

Given a growing personal insight into our own unconscious presuppositions, and an awareness of what we ‘believe’ is ‘right’, as a kind of ‘faith’ response, how can we use our daily opportunity to be a negotiator to the build a cohesive multidisciplinary team?

Let’s be honest, it’s going to take a strong multi disciplinary team to take the findings of The Maternity Review forward, to courageously transform our current birth culture into the woman centred powerhouse women and their families deserve. 

In their amazing book ‘Getting to Yes’, Fisher and Ury give us some much need help in negotiating the undoubtedly choppy waters ahead. 


Their work, based on research produced by Harvard University offers us, as close to a map as we are going to get, whilst exploring this terra nova ahead. 
The next few blog posts are going to explore their methodology in the light of The Maternity Review. 


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