Men, Love & Birth: I thought my life had ended😔

8 years ago today I thought my life had ended, when my wife of twenty years died in my arms, my world become monochromic, time seemed to stop in its tracks and my body felt so heavy I struggled to get out of bed.

Life changes. 

Men, Love & Birth has won an award ☺️—parenting-book/41052.html

The truth of it, I never planned to write a book, start a podcast, speak at conferences or run workshops. 

Speaking at the doula conference 3 years ago, was my first birth related public event; thank you Doula Uk!  


Pinter & Martin approached me about writing a book and I said yes please and the rest as they say is history. 

I spent 18 months ‘trying’ to write a book, I was running out of time, the deadline had been extended twice, Martin was getting worried. 

Then it happened, I heard kurt vonnegut speaking about writing (no comparison intended). He said something about his writing process that changed my mind about writing dramatically. 

‘Each of us writes what he must write’

And else where he say:

‘write to an audience of one’

When hearing him say these things something broke free in me, I knew there was stuff I ‘must’ write, and my audience became my adult sons, in fact all the men in the ‘conversation’ section of the book are my sons☺️

The book came out of me in its current form in 6 weeks, of course a writer is as good as his editor and Susan Last from Lonely Scribe is AMAZING. 

When it was written I truly didn’t care if anyone read it or liked it, to have my experience comitted to writing as a gift to my children was  all the reward I needed. 


Ps: Thank you Pinter & Martin, Doula Uk and Susan Last 

10 thoughts on “Men, Love & Birth: I thought my life had ended😔

  1. Kimberley Thornhill

    Thanks for sharing, lovely picture & great news on the award! 🙂

  2. Congratulations on the award. As a doula I recommend and lend your book to all expectant dads! x

  3. I can only say this was absolutely meant for you and your work will benefit so many people . Heard you speak on Friday and it touched my heart , thank u and well done ! Life works in such a mysterious way X

  4. Well done, been reading your book in preparation for our June birth, it’s been really helpful. Thank you for writing it!

  5. I am throughly enjoying reading this book. As a midwife I am now understanding the way in which I personally can support the man in the birthing room. Understanding testosterone is making sense!
    Thank you

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