Overselling infant formula: Lactivism

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Infant Feeding Matters

Definitely Overselling Infant Formula:                                                  Lactivism by Courtney Jung          

An overdue  review

Professor Courtney Jung’s Lactivism is sensationally subtitled: how feminists and fundamentalists, hippies and yuppies, and physicians and politiciansmade breastfeeding big business and bad policy. Does it deserve such widespread media attention? Is it a worthwhile contribution to scholarship in the field of infant feeding? In this review I will address some of its many deficiencies in interpretation and scholarship.

First, I note areas of agreement between the author and those she excoriates as fanatics. Subsequently some of what she gets badly wrong, and some of what she either doesn’t know, or strangely omits, is exposed. If taken seriously, I believe that what I see as her apparent ignorance…

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Does She Seem At Peace Or Lost In Fear As She Births? Are Our Words Lost In ‘Translation’?

Nothing we way say is ever ‘lost in communication’, but it is often ‘lost in translation’, even when we are speaking the same language. 

It’s probably true to say that everything we say has intention, wether conscious or unconscious, our words and the behaviours have purpose. 

Most of the time we are trundling along on ‘automatic pilot’, oblivious to how our words are being ‘translated’ into another persons ‘meaning making’.

‘The meaning of our communication, is ‘in’ the response it gets from the one hearing it’. 

For example: 

if I am ‘meaning’ to communicate to a woman in the early phases of the birthing process PEACE, and I sense in her response FEAR, something has been ‘lost in translation’. 

There could be many reasons why she is still afraid for sure, but the first place I look is towards my own use of words and tone of voice.