Birthing Women Should……..

Deliver on their back 

Have an epidural 

Have an episiotomy

Bottle feed

Have a vaginal examination on her back 

Have their babies in hospital 

Chose home birth 


Have delayed cord clamping 

Do Hypno birthing courses

Write a birth preference list 

Have their partners with them 

Have a doula 

Have only two people with them in hospital

Oh , I’m sorry, I missed out one WORD………’SOME’ women……’SHOULD’, and the power of their own ‘SHOULD’S’ is totally theirs…..

That’s it….the story’s end.

As you have read this, notice the mind, and probably more importantly your bodily reactions to the SHOULD’S you didn’t like, these areas are ‘fertile ground’ for self reflection. 

As birth professionals ‘knowing ourselves’ is the beginning of our own personal ‘cultural transformation’. 

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