The Only ‘Thing’ That ‘Needs Fixing’ When She Gives Birth. 

A conversation with a man , panicking, as he seeks to be the best he can as she gives birth. 

Desperate to be involved, to know as much as he can, feeling totally out of control and wanting to ‘fix’ every questions she has. 

I ask him ‘ do you know when you really feel connected to her’? 

‘Yes’, he finally says.

‘How do you know she feels it too’?  

He seems to be pondering…..

I leave space for his internal considerations….

I go on, ‘Think of times in your life together when that feeling of connection has been almost tangible…….

More space….

Then I say, ‘as you think about those times, can you almost, FEEL IT NOW….’?   

Face aglow he says ‘yes’!

‘Well’ I continue, ‘when she is giving birth seek to create that feeling….’

The only thing that needs fixing is making sure you maintain ‘THAT FEELING’………as she is in the birthing process. 

4 thoughts on “The Only ‘Thing’ That ‘Needs Fixing’ When She Gives Birth. 

  1. Ashley Styring

    Oh! What happened to the rest of this? I read a longer thing the other day thatc came through on twitter and it was brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. And deeply moving. Talking about how a man can love a woman when she’s giving birth and more.. I could see there might be some things in there that certain people might get upset about, but only if they were choosing to overlook the main point. Where has the rest of the post gone?

  2. There are lots of versions around. Not sure which one you mean?

  3. Email me and I’ll send you a PDF of the book. ☺️

  4. […] via The Only ‘Thing’ That ‘Needs Fixing’ When She Gives Birth. — Birthing Awareness […]

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