The Goal Setting Trap 😔

Becoming clearer and clearer about the ‘stories’ I am living in generates peace as a place to come from in me, not a place to get to.

I used to get caught in the ‘goal setting’ trap.

Goal setting seemed such a good thing too do, and don’t get me wrong it can be when flowing from Peace and not frantically seeking it.

Too often in my experience goal setting has been a panicked response to trying to GET peace, and from that place has seldom been helpful.

What is your ‘experience’ of the ‘story’ you are living in at the moment?

Unravelling those ‘stories’ and ‘Seeing’ the story beneath it is a great starting place.

The most powerful ‘intentions’ I set are paradoxically the ones I forget about , when they unfold I’m surprised.

Setting an intention is powerful communication with unconscious process.

Spend time ‘losing yourself’ in ‘intentions’, write em down, then burn em, feeling a deep sense of ‘Peace’ while you do.

‘Transforming birth experiences, through teaching men to be truly present’

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