To Do, Or Not To Do a ‘Birth Plan’? Leave Them For Those Who Imagine They Can Control Birth……And Experience This…..

Stop and think about how you would like the ‘story’ of your birth to unfold? 

As you enter into this ‘story’ imagine you are experiencing it, see what you are seeing, hear and smell all that’s happening, and feeling deeply that sense of feminine power….

As you enjoy the experience in all its fullness ….now……resting…..

Feeling rested and powerfully alive, gently come back to this moment and remember it all….

Write it all down, hold it as your story, share it with your partner….and then your midwife.

 Know that it’s a story you want, it includes your preferences and hold it with that sense, knowing it can change as happenings unfold…..

You might begin to notice that it feels different to how a ‘plan’ feels….. ☺️

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