Do You Love Money Or Hate It With Passion? Financial Confessions Of A Birthworker…..

My ‘relationship’ with and to money began to transform when I had these insights…….

Birthing Awareness

I realised recently if I treated my loved ones like I treated ‘money’, they wouldn’t want to be around me😔.

If I imagine for a moment that ‘money’ was a person, I have said ‘I hate you’, ‘you make me do things I don’t want too’, ‘you control my life’, you are dirty and do bad things’, ‘secretly I want you and I’m ashamed’, ‘I’ll do this or that, but it’s not for your sake’, these are some of the ways I’ve behaved towards ‘money’.

What if I loved ‘money’ like a friend? How would ‘money’ like to be treated? What ways of behaving encourage it to spend time with me? What does it like? Etc etc, you get the idea right?

Then I thought, when ‘money’ likes to be around me, when I truly ‘love money’, what could we do together? What experiences could we create to benefit ourselves…

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