‘Dad’, ‘I’m not allowed to say ‘Fu*k’ am I ? 

‘Language is the house of ‘being’ where in ‘people’ dwell’. 

At the heart of the ‘stories’ that human beings live in is ‘language’, it’s the conduit that mediates our experience of the ‘world’……it’s slippery, the ‘stories’ that shape my life the ‘most’ are probably running at a deeply unconscious level, all the while ‘silently’ shaping my behaviour and actions. 

Our words have tremendous power, wether we are conscious of it or not, when I say ‘words’, of course the words themselves are not the whole picture when it comes to ‘language’. 

‘Words’ occur in ‘contexts’, with ‘tones of voice’, kind of like ‘staging’ if you like……an example could be the work ‘fuck’………

I remember my 6 year old son saying to me, ‘dad, I’m not allowed to say the word ‘FUCK’ am I? Said with emphasis 😳

‘Well’, I said, ‘fuck’ is just a word’ I went on ‘it’s not that your not allowed to to say it, it’s just that some people can get offended when they hear it’, so, it’s probably best not to say it at school’😳

He looked thoughtful, and after a minute or so, with wide, playful eyes he asked, ‘can I say ‘chuffin’ ‘? 

‘Yeah’, I said ‘chiffin’ won’t offend anyone’.

‘Ok then, this chuffin milk is BLOODY freezing’☺️😳

I think he got the point, language is powerful, it has the power to destroy a life or create a destiny.
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