The Power Of NLP, You Experience It Everyday 

In the NLP model, we speak about ‘anchoring’, you probably know it as plain old ‘conditioned response’ of Pavlov and his dog fame. 

Before you decide that you know all about it, and that maybe your experience of ‘using’ anchoring hasn’t been great till now, I’d like you to think again.

Ever experienced a day when your moods shift and change, sometime almost hourly?  

You have experienced the power of anchoring. 

Remember driving towards a traffic light and before you have had chance to ‘think’ your foot is moving towards the pedal? 

You have experienced anchoring. 

Think back to times when wearing certain clothes, smelling a particular aftershave or feeling the sand between your toes……and notice how your feelings are very consistent, right?  

Learning how to put this powerful phenomena called anchoring to work for you is one of the skills that will be unlocked through mastering the model of NLP.

As birth workers you already know the internal power that awaits a woman as she gives birth, using the power of anchors in conjunction with these evolutionary forces is a potent force indeed. 

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Conference subjects I’m available to speak on in 2017😃

Happy new year. This year I am writing a new book for September 2017, the subjects below will be covered in the book.



Men, Love & Fatherhood, will take men from the birth of their baby to the end of the first 3 months.


I would like to speak on these subject at conferences and student midwife events.

Bonding without breasts

Massage for babies

Baby wearing

Sex after birth

Intimacy, the endocrine dance, sexual differences

Language use and building intimacy in relation to the endocrine dance

Sleep; theirs and yours

Caring for yourself as Father 

A fathers responsibility as she breastfeeds

Understanding infant well-being and what’s expected of you?

Rites of passage for men in the west. 

Imprinting experiences and the importance of patterns decided on in early life lasting a life time, the implications for parenting. 

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Living inside a story, but…’what happened’? 

Making the distinction between what happened….and the stories we make up….i.e. The meaning we make up out of the raw material of what happened….this distinction can be powerful…..

Humans tend to live inside the experience of the stories they create.

When it comes to stories, and looking at the stories once you have frozen them in time by writing them down, there is a distinction which you may find helpful. 

Here it is: write two columns, top of one column write what happened, and the other head ‘story’.  

Under the what happened column write down everything that you would write down if that you can verify by sensory sensory experience….

….In other words as if you where watching it happen on a video….another person would see and hear it too. 

Closer we can get to primary data…sensory experience the better…..

Living in the felt experience of a story is the human condition, it’s prob the only way to relate to ‘reality’, it’s just that most human beings are unaware of the ‘stories’ that run their lives outside of consciousness……

In fact they think they have free will. 😔