We are learning machines, set on automatic…let’s tinker with the ‘patterns’?

An observation from my own learning history to date :

I began to see a ‘pattern’: 

I have seen it in my own learning over the years….I first ask myself what is this new teaching etc ‘like’….my patterned way of learning looked for similarities with what I already thought I knew in order to make sense of what was being said to me. 

It’s not a bad pattern, it’s just an habitual pattern that I had set on default, it’s one way of learning new things…..

A different way is to find an aspect of what’s being offered and to test it in your experience….TEST it. 

This way may involve suspending what you think it’s like, or what you think you know about it already…..and just following instructions while YOU TEST…

After you have some results from your tests you potentially have some learning which is NEW, maybe even transformational.  

The other way learning is defo useful, it’s served me for years, in my experience the way I’m suggesting you try on here is VERY DIFFERENT.

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