The Post Man Always Knocks Twice….

He did today anyway, and very loudly thankfully because I was catching up on ‘The Walking Dead’ series, and would have missed him if he didn’t.

We had a polite exchange and then he ‘gave birth to my parcel’. What an amazing experience that was, from deep inside, his power to ‘birth parcels’ was expressed in such a way that I was moved to tears.

How ridiculous I hear you cry, and I know you know where I am going with this, right?

My postman ‘delivered’ my parcel, he had the power to do that, he is trained to do that, and he does it very well thank you.

The debate about birth workers using the word ‘birth’ instead of ‘delivery’ or even ‘catch‘, will inevitably rage on, but the importance of the language we use must never be lost from  view.
Language shapes our personal experience of the world and therefore creates our shared cultural hallucinations.

Our heritage as the human animal has been enormously influenced by our ability to imagine things that have no physical reality and experience them collectively as if they do.

In short, language shapes  and creates culture, I often hear people speak about the current birth culture in the Uk as if it existed separate from them. In truth, if the birth culture in the UK is going to be transformed the words I use matter.

This all may sound to some like ‘political correctness’ gone mad and just the rantings of another birth world extremist, but I ask you to stop and think about my postman giving birth to my parcel,ridiculous, right?

Women Give Birth


let’s point in the direction of true birthing power by using language that makes it very clear in our collective experience where the power lies.

To learn more about my work with mail birthing partners (pun intended) go to: 



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