What do I say I want but don’t have? 

This is a question that I ask myself regularly. 

The answers I give are useful to me because they often uncover areas of dissatisfaction in my life that I am settling for. Kind of living with, like they are the ‘truth’. 

In settling for, and living under the dissatisfaction, I have submitted to being at the ‘effect’ of the circumstances, my feelings etc. 

Life is not going to turn out how it ‘should’, it turns out how it does, and this is it, right now. 

It will be ‘completed’ in no other place…….’my life will be better when, (add anything you like, when I lose weight, have more money etc)…..has often been an unspoken refrain in my less than conscious inner dialogue. 

What’s the truth? 

When I die I will be no less or more satisfied than I am right now. 

The question above helps me to see when I am living my life in the context of being a complaint about life itself, there is no power for living in this place. 

Some one once said, ‘you either have the life you want, or the reasons why you don’t have it’. 

Living like the reasons are ‘true’ works like a justification for the dissatisfaction you are experiencing. 

Spend some time with the question, and see what you uncover.

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